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Inspired by Kayla Marquez's original concept for her character, Valkari

Project Timeline: 5 Weeks

Rendered in Arnold for Maya

Tools: Zbrush, Maya

Responsibilities: Modeling

February 2020 - March 2020


Art Direction

In January 2020, I decided to model Kayla Marquez's design for her Dragon Age concept of her original character Valkari. Inspired by her warm field design, I wanted to exaggerate her 2D style in the 3D model. Using both digital, traditional, and photographic reference I was able to achieve a design that I am proud to present.

If you want to see more of Kayla's designs, her blog is

Screenshot (51).png
Screenshot (54).png
Screenshot (56).png

Real-life references of MMA/UFC fighter Paige Vanzant (fig. 1) and a full body turn around featuring Robyn Rose (fig. 2)

Screenshot (57).png

Full body modelling studies by Alexey Korotkikh (fig. 3), Bernardo Cristovao (fig. 4), Laura Peltomaki (fig 5-6), and Anton Glukhovsky (fig. 7)

Screenshot (58).png

Torso modelling studies by CodaTronics (fig. 8), Rafael Juarez Jr. (fig. 9), and Emmanuel Marenco (fig. 10-11)

Screenshot (63).png
Screenshot (64).png

Bust modelling studies by David Chung (fig. 12), Clayton Peterson (fig. 13), Shaun Kessler (fig. 14), Alexander Eibler (fig. 15), Victor Hugo (fig. 16), and Bernardo Cristovao (fig. 17)

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